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Purnima collection

Felt products

Purnima collection

Felt products





Purnima collection has been manufacturing  various designs, sizes and  colors of  Felt handcrafted items, that is made of 100% soft wool (Merino wool) using the ancient hand art technique of felting. This unique Process involves repeated Scrubbing, Pounding and agitation of the wool until the tiny, naturally occurring barbs on the hairs of wool open up and locks on to one another. This traditional process results in a strong, seamless product that is very unique. Each and every product are individually made by hand so none of the product are similar to each other hence every product is unique in its color, design and pattern used such as Bags, Hats, Shoes, Coin-Purse, Felt Jewelries Scarves,  Cushion Cover,  Accessories and more. We believe that our designs are based on the imagination.  


Except the manufacturing of Felt Handicrafts product, We collect various types of  Nepalese products based  on handcrafted Items  as well as other products,   if our costumer or someone else who visits us (our website:,  wants to  import products specially from Nepal, such as Nepalese  fashion garments, Nepali pure Lokta papers, Woolen sweaters, bags and hats, Pashmina shawls  etc. Customers designs are always possible and encouraged to implement the products as we believe that our designs are based on the imagination.

Besides the above products, paper products, bags and hats, Tibetan crafted Items, Nepali and Tibetan incenses. Buddhist items - prayer flag, stupas, statues and special Nepalese Herbal Tea, kitchen species etc. also possible to provide.

although  we have not  our own productions of  all the Items given in above, we are co-operating  with those manufacturers  and people, factory  and workshop,  so we arrange  all the Nepali  and Tibetan items to our customer  whatever they want to have from Nepal.


We are co-operating with different types of transport service companies they are Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, Air Mail, Sea Mail, as well as DHL Services and other more courier parcel service. We land our products within thirty five to forty five days in every corner of the sea ports from sea cargo. We send packages all over the world with internationally recognized agencies. (DHL, TNT, and others)


we export our products to any part of the world.


Air cargo, Sea cargo, Air/sea cargo, Land/sea cargo, Documentation, Custom clearance, Forwarding, packing and safe storage.




Ordinary post, registry post, E.M.S. (Express mail service) 

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